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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shake and Bake.

You know, it's funny how doing something as simple as traveling can change one's perspective so greatly. This group of kids at sectionals is easily making my life easier.
Oregon is amazing. The overcast is getting a bit old, but the laughs haven't stopped since we left on Tuesday morning at 7 am.
Now why is the title of this post 'Shake and Bake'?
It's this running joke that we've had since we got here. At first it started as just a way of saying 'well done' or 'you rock' but now, it seems to have wedged itself into almost every sentence we say. Now it's becoming a sentence all by itself. We now have a Shake and Bake dance, cheer, and different tones that mean different things when you say it. By the end of this trip, Shake and Bake is going to be a lifestyle.
We've started doing the Shake and Bake actions behind the block, to help get us focused. I don't think its working.. we bust up every time.
I would say our team is definitely getting closer..
On the other hand, I feel like I'm set apart. My roommates, Kim and Brittani, are both in these relationships.. and every night they talk to their men on the phone and skype. Last night  they talked until 11:45. I was painfully aware of how single I am for about 3 hours.
I guess I'll just grow old with about 67 dogs. ( Fact: I actually hate cats. So maybe I'll be the 'dog lady' instead of the stereotyped 'cat lady'.)
What ever. Shake and Bake.

Yeah.. that just happened.

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  1. Dont have too many inside jokes without me ;) I miss you sammi, come home. And.. you can call me if you want to and talk til 11:45? haha... or just go talk to the shake and bake asian :) text me!
    i also like the stereotyped cat lady. ;)